Why are custom burger boxes important?

Robert knows the significance of quality custom burger boxes. For some time now, he has been thinking of launching premium burgers. He planned to introduce burgers from different parts of the world to his customers. 

Robert wanted to use the custom burger boxes to differentiate these burgers. But, he only wanted to opt for the cardboard-based burger boxes for this venture. His father was the one who started this business about fifty years ago. After graduation, Robert decided to continue with his business. Ever since he took over, he made the business reach the next level of success. But this wasn’t the end. Robert believed in continuous evolution. 

He knew that the days when local tastes and specialties were limited to specific geographical locations were over. The people in America were now ordering seaweed to add to their food. Sushi was no more just available in Japan. Robert wanted to bring the exotic flavors in burgers from around the world to his table. 

He wanted his custom printed burger boxes to tell the story of the burger to his customers. He had selected the landmark of the cities and countries that he wanted to feature in this range. Robert got in touch with this orienting and packaging company to communicate his idea. It was a seasoned firm with experience in food packaging. When they heard his idea, they were thrilled. Within twenty-four hours, the company selected high-res images for Robert’s custom printed burger boxes.  They even suggested he print the pics of the main ingredients on these custom printed burger boxes to represent it as a storyboard to his customers. Robert loved this idea and asked for a prototype from his printing and packaging company. After all, customers loved learning about the product they buy, and the best way to learn is through fun.

Star burgers and custom burger packaging boxes for his business

Robert knew that making burgers was not about slapping a patty between buns. Neither was this food option a backyard barbeque staple anymore. He already had different ranges of burgers with their custom burger packaging boxes notifying the customers of;

1.Aged cheddar

2.All vegetarian patty

3.Grass-fed meat

4.Locally sources meat

5.No MSG added

6.Nondairy items, etc.

Robert especially loves his burger packaging boxes, which feature burgers inspired by Hong Kong-based chefs. He instructed his chefs to use dry-aged meat for this burger. The taste of the burger is based on the quality of meat used. There are hardly any condiments and sauces used in making this burger. The burger packaging boxes for this burger were to feature the building of Bank of China Tower on them. 

The other premium burger Robert planned to launch was inspired by a high-end Las Vegas restaurant. The ingredients included;

1.Black truffles (sliced)


3.Foie gras

4.Wagyu beef patty

Robert wanted a silhouette of Bellagio Hotel and Casino printed on his burger packaging boxes as a tribute to the city from where it is inspired. 

While he has finalized the design and layouts for the burger boxes, he is still searching for the appropriate material for them. Robert is trying to find reusable stock material for his burger boxes that the customers can use to grow herbs and other garden plants ad fruits. Robert currently has the option of using Kraft material and other biodegradable stocks. But, he wants the best for his business and his customers. 

Order the best custom burger boxes

Like Robert, if you are looking for custom burger boxes for your premium burger range, check out the custom cardboard boxes of Californian-based ClipnBox firm today.

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