How the custom candle boxes are packaged?

We all have our favorite brand of custom candle boxes that make their way to our offices and homes. These boxes have candles we used to decorate the interior and exterior of our workplace and homes. There was a time when only selected colors in candles were available. Today one can buy custom candle boxes in various colors. Apart from scented candles, one can even buy;

1.Tealight candles

2.Floating candles

3.Aromatherapy candles

4.Light therapy candles

5.Pillar candles

6.Candle jars, etc.

It made the boxes for these candles from eco-friendly cardboard stocks. They have a die-cut window so that they get conveniently seen.

Today candle boxes and other SKUs are available for travelers as well. Most brands provide candles in durable jars packaged in custom printed candle boxes. The designs and layouts of all custom printed candle boxes are different than the other. The difference in packaging is not only to mark the different brands. It marks different candle types as well. Jar boxes are different in their layout and design than the candles used in homes. It packed individually the aroma therapy candles inside the cardboard custom printed candle boxes.

Fun facts about products in custom candle packaging boxes

There was a time when candles were eaten. They were made from tallow and during wars and famine they often got stolen and were consumed as food. There are many things that one can do with candles. Some include;

1.Writing secret messages

2.Lubricating the drawers and doors

3.Creating art

4.Easing stuck zippers

5.Use as pincushions

6.Waterproof address labels on mail boxes

Did you know that most people also try color therapy using particular-colored candles? They buy colored candles of their choice in custom candle packaging boxes. Green-colored candles attract good luck and financial abundance. People light them to feel positive and help them move on from a confused state. It is said to bring clarity. When using candles from candle packaging boxes, it is vital to remember safety measures, which include;

1.Keeping candles away from pets and kids

2.Do not leave burning candles unattended

3.Avoid touching liquid hot wax

4.Avoid moving with a burning candle

5.Keep the burning candles at a distance of three inches from each other

Ensure maximum safety by taking the following measures;

1.Trim the wick one-fourth of an inch, every time a candle is lit

2.Always read about the maximum burning time printed on the candle packaging boxes

3.If it is not printed do not burn candles for more than four hours

4.Always position the wick in the center after the putting out the candle

5.Tweezers can easily get this job done

6.Discontinue candles when one-fourth remain

It’s important to remember and follow all the rules when dealing with candles.

Ordering the right custom candle boxes

Manufacturers of custom candle boxes have come up with countless designs to differentiate every brand. But the brand has to select these boxes according to their product requirement and packaging objectives. If launching a new variant in candles, make sure to use display boxes on the retail shelves and counters. It will help highlight your products and enhance their visual appeal. If your SKUs are smaller, then counter display boxes will work wonderfully for your brand. To find the best customization tools for your retail boxes, check out the options offered by the California-based ClipnBox printing and packaging company. It offers high-quality printing, inventive layouts, and durability in boxes at affordable rates. You won't be disappointed in their options.

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