Doing more with products from custom soap boxes

I use the soap bars from custom soap boxes to keep the fingernails of my kids clean. Yes, you read it right! I dislike dirty fingernails in children. During the lockdown season, when they had no specific school schedule, they ended up playing in our backyard most times. As a result, it seemed they had perpetually dirty nails. So, I made my kids scrape their fingernails on the dry soap bars. It helped accumulate soap under their nails. Once they were done, they would wash their hands, and all the dirt would come off easily. I would even let my kids select their favorite soap bars from the custom soap boxes to keep them motivated. Scraping my nails on the dry soap bars was a trick I learned from my gardener. But there is so much more one can do with the soap bars. 

I often take dry soaps from their custom soap packaging boxes and place them in the shoes of my kids. They play all day, and their shoes tend to get smelly. Putting soap bars in them is a great way to get rid of the odors overnight. I use the same technique for my car. If there are spills during traveling and we don’t have air fresheners on our hands, I place soaps from custom soap packaging boxes under the front seats. It absorbs most of the odor and makes the vehicle bearable for traveling till clean. The last time we went camping, I made sure to pack quite a few custom soap packaging boxes. They were a lifesaver. My five-year-old daughter was very fussy and would cry at every mosquito bite. So, I dampened the soap bars and applied a thin layer on her skin to create a barrier.

Add-ons for custom soap packaging boxes

The soap brands face tough competition in the mainstream markets. These custom soap packaging boxes help them establish an identity for themselves. They are given exclusive finishes and attributes to make them appear sophisticated and eye-candy. The most common add-on used on the custom soap packaging boxes is SPOT UV finishing. This layer of UV adds a glamorous shine to the soapboxes and adds to their visual impact. They give the visual content printed on these boxes a vivid look and appeal. Now the soap brands have started using the foil stamping option on their custom soap packaging boxes. Soap brands can add a metallic glean to the design and the text on the packaging boxes. Soap brands looking for extra protection can add layers of lamination to their boxes. These layers are available in matte and gloss options and help make the boxes smudge and scratch-proof. They also keep the soap bars protected from moisture and wetness.

Did you know that you can use the soap bars from the soap packaging boxes to make the needles slide smoothly? Some fabrics can be a pain to work on as they do not allow the smooth flow of needles. Prick soap bars with needles to make them slide smoothly through these fabrics. Light-colored soap bars from the soap packaging boxes are used on dark-colored fabrics to mark lines in the absence of fabric markers. It is such a hassle to pick up shards of broken glass. But, a damp soap bar can help solve this problem more effectively. All one has to do is press down on the area where shards are scattered and let the wet soap do its work. Make sure not to use this soap bar and waste it after the work is done. Make a mixture of soap and water till suds form. Use a spray bottle to spray this mixture under the leaves to keep your plants bug-free.

Custom soap boxes for brands

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